Two Years and a New Life

I’ve severaly neglected this blog for the past two years. But not without good reason! All artistic things were put on hold while my husband and I have been carving out a little farm for our family. It turns out that even very small scale farming is hard and time-consuming. Incredibly exhausting, heartbreaking and full of the best moments one could imagine. I don’t want to abandon my artistic side but have struggled with how to pursue it. In some ways I have through my ameteur photography of all the life that has exploded around us and continues to flourish day after day.

Moving forward with this blog, I want to incorporate little stories of the farm with my attempts to return to rapid sketching. If I can perfect one farm animal per month in a 2 minute sketch, I feel that might be a good goal for the remainder of this year.

I’ll leave you all with some photos from our beautiful little farm!


Lakeshore Scene

I realize there have been crickets chirping over here. It is not for lack of doing anything. But more-so how incredibly busy I managed to make myself over the last few months! Much of the busy-ness has not been because of artistic ventures, but I did manage to get another custom order done! This is an 11 x 14″ canvas done with acrylic paint. It was based off of an actual photo with a few extra details thrown in at my clients request. First time ever actually working straight from a photo. I was nervous at first, I’m not sure why exactly, but it turned out good. Anyway here are some WIP photos. Sorry for the lighting in these. I paint at night when all is quiet. Enjoy folks. And have a wonderful New Year!

Lakeshore1            Lakeshore2

Lakeshore4              Lakeshore5    Lakeshore6



And the final piece:


The little details were done with my smallest brush and required a very steady hand. My favorite detail is the vintage brass letters on the light pole.


I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was not rushed or hurried in any way. The best kind!


The Gem Under The Ferns

Some paintings seem to have a rough journey to completion. This one was up there with some of the toughest I’ve ever attempted. Here is part one of a poorly planned painting gone wrong:

I should stress that the poor planning was completely on my part! My client chose a very adorable sketch that I had quickly done up of a fawn hiding under some ferns. I didn’t give a lot of thought in choosing actual colors and perspective before I dived in. But dive in I did.

Background was hurriedly painted and I drew the outline of the fawn.


Then I thought, “It is a forest scene so it needs a stump.” So slap on a stump I did. It was horrendous and huge!

*Please ignore the clutter behind my easel. I have little kids…’nuff said.)


Then I thought to myself, “This stump needs moss.” By then I was so horrified at how awful it looked I wiped it all off!


At this point I realized it would never work… the way the fawn was positioned, the weird little tree in the distance, the massive empty space at the bottom of the canvas. So I sent my client a photo and she agreed with me! I waited for it to dry well and then sanded the whole thing down and started over.

And so began part two of trial and error:


I very carefully made a new sketch to the exact dimensions of the canvas. I used math people!


The new background. Pretty boring and bland…as it should have been.


A bigger fawn with bigger ears and bigger eyes. It took four tries for me to get it in the right position on the canvas! I used math again…. it was awful.


Finally things fell into place and I finished the rest in two painting sessions.




At this point my client was pleased and I was over the feeling of doom!


The finished piece! Perseverance, encouragement from a dear friend, experimenting, and a whole lot of patience and studying made it work out in the end. And now I can’t wait to tackle my next piece!

I am currently at an art & craft retreat and so excited for some kid free time to immerse myself in something.

Have a great weekend!

Garden Produce, Kittens, & A New Season.

Despite having been done with my summer job for a few weeks now I haven’t been able to find a lot of extra time to mess around with editing pictures and writing pretty blog posts! But that is changing now. I still sketch and paint on a daily…no make that weekly…oh wait, maybe monthly basis. Hmmm. Well you get the picture.

Some of the culprits behind my slacking in the creativity department have included taking in a rescued mother cat with 5 little rambunctious kittens. So I spend a lot of time staring in awe and letting my heart just melt to pieces at sights like this:


And then there is the changing of the seasons and harvest suddenly having arrived. I have been cutting, blanching, freezing, and dehydrating tasty garden delights like a mad woman for the past two weeks.

But I have carved out some time to do artsy things. I discovered an original painting on canvas board that I pulled out of a heap of mass produced “Bless Our Home” wall hangings at the local consignment shop. I am thrilled to have it hanging on my wall! I love original works by other artists but can’t really afford to buy a lot. This winter scene is so peaceful:


I have also hurriedly scratched out a few sketches (cheesy lettering included):




And believe it or not, I have even completed another acrylic painting! On canvas. Not a few smears in one of my sketchbooks. Imagine that! Here’s a sneak peek for proof:


Ok, that’s not really “proof” but there is a brush, dipped in paint. Paint that has been smeared and mixed! Tune in tomorrow to see how this paint was applied to canvas to create what sort of painting…

“Pinterest-y” Project for a Relaxing Summer Weekend.

I recently picked up two identical tables to turn into a coffee table and end tables for the area surrounding my couch. I decided to dive into the Pinterest, DIY insanity for once and even use…ready for it? Chalkboard Paint. It was a lot of fun despite the fact that I feel I may have sold my soul to the DIY & chalkboard painting crafty mommy masses.


I actually took a “before” picture this time.

But sorry, I took no WIP photos. Sorry to disappoint anyone who might have wanted to see the actual progression of the project. Basically I cut about 10 1/2″ of the legs off and sanded it all down. Then there was a lot of painting. I did two layers of the regular paint and about 5 layers of the chalkboard paint. I let it cure for three days and drug it out of quarantine this morning!

Behold, the chalk dust monster… (fuzzy cell phone photos included)




Tray found on clearance aisle at Target, vintage origami folding book at a local thrift shop, carved & painted turtle rock also thrifted, and the beautiful mug was made by a local potter who sadly passed away in the last couple years. I can’t remember exactly when but I wish I had bought more of his work when it was available.


The table has already been put to use by my daughters. They are very excited about this new piece of furniture!

The end tables are yet to be made. I think that will be a project for another week.

Thanks for stopping by!