A Special Request For a Little Boy. (WIP photos)

WIP car

Final sketch out of 6. I just could not get the car right.

WIP car 1

After the first night of painting.

WIP car 2

Adding details and getting the car outlined. I also played a bit with rust patterns.

WIP car 3

Color and rust added. At this point I fell in love with painting rusted cars! I want to do that again soon!

WIP car 4

The final product. I realize now that birds should not be such a rigid “M” shape in the sky but I am learning as I go! I also learned not to do tiny lettering right after a big cup of coffee and with three little ones crawling around under my easel! What an experience that was! But I feel it turned out beautifully and it also brought big smiles from the owners of this piece, which is the most rewarding part of handing over a piece you have created.

*I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photos so far. These were taken in poor lighting in wee hours of morning with a cell phone camera. I will be dusting off the big camera for better quality photos in the future!*


A Quick Painting for My Kitchen


I wanted something new to add to my kitchen. I have been attempting to decorate it in a Café/Coffeehouse theme. This was a spur-of-the-moment sort of painting I did one night at about 1am when I got bored with ironing.

(Yes, I keep terrible hours at night but with 3 babies in 3.5 years and 2.5 years of college at the same time, I think it ruined my ability to sleep decent hours ever again!)

A Special Request for a Little Princess.

A few months ago, an acquaintance of mine approached me with a question. “Could you paint this for my daughter’s room?” I was delighted to have a great excuse to sneak down to my basement studio late at night to paint as well as be paid for it!

It was to be in more of a “cartoonish” style (I really don’t know how else to describe it) and the things that had to be included were a crown with her name on it and a quote with a verse reference. After a few sketches I got to work:

WIP princess

WIP princess 3

WIP: It was so much fun to paint this princess dress and little blue bird.

WIP princess 4

The final product. She loved it and it was so rewarding to see the smile it brought!

Doing pieces for other people the way they would like it done has been a completely new kind of challenge. So far I absolutely love it and am excited to do more in the future!

Flashback to the Beginning

When I was 11 years old I set up my own little “studio” in a damp, dingy basement room that stunk of kerosene and had a battered print of crashing waves hanging from the rafters. It was there I learned to love mixing paints and carefully covered chunks of wood salvaged from the wood pile. After a while, my experiments began to resemble something. Mainly horses and mountains which were my obsession.
A recent visit to my parent’s place revealed they kept some of my early attempts and now have them displayed in their home! I quickly snapped some photos so I could look back on them again.


The first horse that started it all. I tried to paint my pony, Thunder.




This one is very tiny and on an Oak knot I found in our wood pile. I did a lot of miniature paintings because I didn’t have a lot of paint!


When I was 13 I read about vinegar painting on wood. That is what is on the sky part of this.

mountain 4

Snowy mountains were what I loved to paint!

mountain 3

Hope you enjoyed this little flashback post!

Sketch-a-Day Challenge.

New Years 2014 brought a new resolution. Do one quick sketch every day.
I ran out and bought a stack of sketchbooks and have been happily sketching as often as possible since. I have failed miserably at doing exactly one sketch every single day but am achieving what I was hoping by slowly honing some skill in something I love, yet have always struggled with. The following photos are a few of my favorites so far.



Yes. When I did this one is was -27 degrees outdoors.







I will keep posting more of my favorites in the future. I had hoped to make it a weekly goal to post sketching attempts but it turns out that photo blogs are a bit more time consuming than I realized!