One Year ago…

My husband and I had finally finished putting together my sewing/painting studio in the lightest room in our basement. We had worked on it most of the winter, building tables out of doors and scrap lumber and painting dingy brown panels a calming grey and blue. I sat down at my easel with paintbrush in hand and nearly had a panic attack. In my dreams of finally having my own space to create I had always imagined myself diving right in and creating exciting masterpieces. Not so in real life… I spent a whole week trying to draw a table with legs that weren’t askew and trying to figure out how to paint a background!

Coffee wm












I did manage to come up with this piece that I still have in my kitchen. When I look at it now I see so many things that went so horribly wrong. But I still love it. It was a dive into something I truly wanted to do. It makes me smile and cringe every day! I experimented with other pieces that I eventually got so frustrated with I gave up and painted over. I wish some days I hadn’t.

-Clara J. Teixeira


2 thoughts on “One Year ago…

  1. The most important is that you managed to get down there and create (and learn) something! I’m so jealous of you…I’m dreaming about having a studio for me but I don’t think this will be possible in the near future!!! 😉 enjoy!

    • My studio is far from fancy but it is my own little space! It is way worth carving out a space to think a complete thought. 🙂 I don’t get to spend as much time there as I would like with three littles clinging to me 24/7 but the time I have found has been productive and mostly distraction free.

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