Sketch-a-Day Challenge.

New Years 2014 brought a new resolution. Do one quick sketch every day.
I ran out and bought a stack of sketchbooks and have been happily sketching as often as possible since. I have failed miserably at doing exactly one sketch every single day but am achieving what I was hoping by slowly honing some skill in something I love, yet have always struggled with. The following photos are a few of my favorites so far.



Yes. When I did this one is was -27 degrees outdoors.







I will keep posting more of my favorites in the future. I had hoped to make it a weekly goal to post sketching attempts but it turns out that photo blogs are a bit more time consuming than I realized!


4 thoughts on “Sketch-a-Day Challenge.

  1. Clara, thanks for following my blog, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I want to encourage you to keep sketching! Part of why I started to blog was to encourage myself to paint every day…well as you follow you will see that sometimes months will go by! Oh well! Keep sketching!!! Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I too like that one. I struggle so much with drawing hands and that is the first one I feel I may have made some progress. I enjoy your blog posts being in my reader. Your everyday scenes are so perfectly done!

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