Flashback to the Beginning

When I was 11 years old I set up my own little “studio” in a damp, dingy basement room that stunk of kerosene and had a battered print of crashing waves hanging from the rafters. It was there I learned to love mixing paints and carefully covered chunks of wood salvaged from the wood pile. After a while, my experiments began to resemble something. Mainly horses and mountains which were my obsession.
A recent visit to my parent’s place revealed they kept some of my early attempts and now have them displayed in their home! I quickly snapped some photos so I could look back on them again.


The first horse that started it all. I tried to paint my pony, Thunder.




This one is very tiny and on an Oak knot I found in our wood pile. I did a lot of miniature paintings because I didn’t have a lot of paint!


When I was 13 I read about vinegar painting on wood. That is what is on the sky part of this.

mountain 4

Snowy mountains were what I loved to paint!

mountain 3

Hope you enjoyed this little flashback post!


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