A Special Request For a Little Boy. (WIP photos)

WIP car

Final sketch out of 6. I just could not get the car right.

WIP car 1

After the first night of painting.

WIP car 2

Adding details and getting the car outlined. I also played a bit with rust patterns.

WIP car 3

Color and rust added. At this point I fell in love with painting rusted cars! I want to do that again soon!

WIP car 4

The final product. I realize now that birds should not be such a rigid “M” shape in the sky but I am learning as I go! I also learned not to do tiny lettering right after a big cup of coffee and with three little ones crawling around under my easel! What an experience that was! But I feel it turned out beautifully and it also brought big smiles from the owners of this piece, which is the most rewarding part of handing over a piece you have created.

*I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photos so far. These were taken in poor lighting in wee hours of morning with a cell phone camera. I will be dusting off the big camera for better quality photos in the future!*


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