Awkward Hands & The Dilemma of Wrinkles.


I struggle with hands the most. I am ready to try a new approach… maybe just make the suggestion of fingers instead? This would require me to loosen up my entire sketch which I feel I am beginning to do on some level.


I also have a tough time approaching wrinkles in fabric. How to create a piece of fabric from the suggestion of shadow? So naturally I am drawn to try these two things over and over. The good news is I have improved from the beginning of the year… I think this may take a lifetime to reach satisfaction!

I will be more absent in the summer months when it comes to posting on here. My summer days are completely immersed in food and feeding hundreds of hungry people. This leaves so little time to do what I enjoy. I took a break one day to stop in at a local art gallery and browse for a few minutes. I left feeling so refreshed yet so sad that I couldn’t use the inspiration to create in that moment! Life is a complicated mess, eh?


2 thoughts on “Awkward Hands & The Dilemma of Wrinkles.

  1. I hadn’t noticed the hand till you pointed it out as I was more taken with the young woman’s complete absorption in her book! I find hands really difficult too, and fabric folds. Im learning to paint icons ( and we spend hours practicing these things. Hope you can still set aside five minutes every now and then to sketch a thumb or a fabric ripple! Happy summer!

  2. I just visited the link you shared. That looks like equal parts frustration and excitement! Fabric folds in clothing is hard for me. I know in my mind exactly how it should look but somehow cannot make it translate to my sketchbook. I have gotten so desperate I started studying manga art, It is very pronounced and very deliberate. I just need to make the time to practice more. 🙂

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