Girly Hands & the Agony of Book Reading

hand study 1

Hands have been my focus over the past few days. I am equally grossed out and intrigued by them.

hand study 2

I can’t say I am good yet but I have become more observant. Which is always a good thing!


But another problem has appeared… I seem to only be able to draw girly hands. This poor pizza chef is so manly with his scruffy beard. But one look at his hands and all I can do is sport a lopsided grin of defeat. It has been fun!


In the mean time, I have also scribbled out my first cartoon? Also fun but somewhat more time consuming as I try to keep these sketches under 30 min. each.

angry chicken

I will close with this angry chicken being bothered by a bug. I live in an area infested with bugs. I’ve decided Iย need chickens to eat said bugs and lay eggs for all my hungry children.


11 thoughts on “Girly Hands & the Agony of Book Reading

      • I understand that. But I remind myself that if I wanted a photograph I have my iPhone. At the risk of overstepping (I can’t help it I am a personal coach in addition to art) I learned to draw when I quit asking myself “what does a hand look like?” and just started drawing what I saw.

        Having said that i still do a lot of sketches with hands hidden, lazy i guess

  1. “But I remind myself that if I wanted a photograph I have my iPhone.” I really like that. And no worries, I need all the (free) coaching I can get. haha. Thank you for the advice.

  2. I guess that’s why cartoonists sometimes draw hends with one less digit and some (including myself) prefer to just keep the hands out of view most of the time. But practice makes perfect, and perhaps his manly beard is just compensating for delicate hands ๐Ÿ˜›

    • It is very tempting to make characters wear gloves or be in positions where their hands don’t show. It would make things easier for sure! But so would be drawing stick figures. Which I still do on occasion. Ha! It is a dream of mine to illustrate a book for my children. So all of this practice will hopefully be put to use in that way…someday… in the far off future maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

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