Whimsical Rabbit Hutch for a Special New Pet.

Hobbit Hutch 8

Recently we were gifted with this adorable ball of fur. No one really wanted him, especially not my husband. What good is a useless pet? My answer: “To spoil him of course!” My daughters finally settled on the name “Eugene” for him. It took a bit of convincing that he probably wouldn’t appreciate being named “Pwincess Anna of Ary-dale.”

As soon as I agreed to take him in I began searching for rabbit hutch ideas. I love whimsical themed hutches and coops. Especially ones with thatched roofs and round doors! My carpentry skills are nowhere near thatched roofs and round doors so I had to opt for something simpler.

Rabbit Hutch

I did a quick sketch and some rough dimensions based on this tutorial. Then my mom came to visit and help out around the place for a few weeks and she got really excited about helping with the whole process! It would have probably taken much longer and not looked as nice without her help. Thank you mom! And so I give you the finished product!

hobbit Hutch 3

My mom and husband built the frame and most of the box as well as most of the roof. I had fun making the doors and painting!

Hobbit Hutch 4

It is the biggest hutch I have seen in person so far. We would like to enclose the bottom and add a ramp eventually so it can hop around down below as well! The little crooked chimney from the sketch is still yet to be made. ha!

Hobbit Hutch 2

And here is the whimsical part to it all. What rabbit wouldn’t want to live in a hobbit house?

Hobbit Themed Rabbit Hutch

This was rather hastily painted but honestly I don’t think he minds. The maple sticks you see on the left are tied together with cotton thread for an edible hay manger.

Hobbit Hutch 7

With some grass to lure him close, he checks out the entrance to his new home.

Hobbit Hutch 5

Hobbit HUtch 6

He loves it and it brings a smile to my face every time I check on him!


*for those who may have concerns about him chewing on the wood & paint, please know that I was careful not to use the dangerous kind. Also I did not put multiple layers of it on. The interior of the enclosed part is paint free and he has many tasty branches and lots of fresh hay to chew on instead.

Thanks for stopping by!


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