Weekend Unplugged.

I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in the woods with 5 other women. We camped along a beautiful river and made memories. I challenged myself to only bring along my sketchbook. I missed my camera a lot!

Mrs H

Campsite 15

It was different trying to sketch people as they moved about the campsite. The results were often laughable but I did pull out a few that I am somewhat pleased with.


Campsite 16

Mushroom Stump

Aside from the moments I was dying trying to hike up steep inclines with a backpack, it was such a wonderful and relaxing time. I was able to discover that I am still my old self, just buried deep under my newer identity as a mother and wife. I still long for adventure and challenge and could happily sleep in a tent or under the stars the rest of my life.

I also carved a small piece of… something. I hesitate to show this as it is not finished. Maybe it is. I think it needs to be weighted with a  piece of river stone at the bottom.  It was fun to try something new regardless of how it turned out.

Wood Carving 2     Wood Carving


4 thoughts on “Weekend Unplugged.

  1. Lovely. I have always been partial to a hammock. The wood sculpture/carving is awesome. I agree with dancer or a woman stretching. But if you look close, the view on the left seems to be a hand cupped in offering. Maybe you practice hands even when you don’t know it!

    • I believe you are right! Hands have become an obsession and even though I try to avoid them at times it seems the suggestion of them still comes through.
      Also…did you know that hammock tents have been invented? I am intrigued.

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