“Pinterest-y” Project for a Relaxing Summer Weekend.

I recently picked up two identical tables to turn into a coffee table and end tables for the area surrounding my couch. I decided to dive into the Pinterest, DIY insanity for once and even use…ready for it? Chalkboard Paint. It was a lot of fun despite the fact that I feel I may have sold my soul to the DIY & chalkboard painting crafty mommy masses.


I actually took a “before” picture this time.

But sorry, I took no WIP photos. Sorry to disappoint anyone who might have wanted to see the actual progression of the project. Basically I cut about 10 1/2″ of the legs off and sanded it all down. Then there was a lot of painting. I did two layers of the regular paint and about 5 layers of the chalkboard paint. I let it cure for three days and drug it out of quarantine this morning!

Behold, the chalk dust monster… (fuzzy cell phone photos included)




Tray found on clearance aisle at Target, vintage origami folding book at a local thrift shop, carved & painted turtle rock also thrifted, and the beautiful mug was made by a local potter who sadly passed away in the last couple years. I can’t remember exactly when but I wish I had bought more of his work when it was available.


The table has already been put to use by my daughters. They are very excited about this new piece of furniture!

The end tables are yet to be made. I think that will be a project for another week.

Thanks for stopping by!


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