Bio: I am married and a mother to three very young children. Even though I have worked in the food industry for the past decade, I continue to dream of being an artist someday. This blog is part of my journey as I explore art in everyday life, keeping what I observe on paper, canvas, and camera.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. You say “Dream of being an artist someday”…but you already are! Whats more, your work is lovely. It doesn’t matter how often you sketch, but as long as you can do something creative whenever you can, whatever it is, however small….it nourishes that spark within. Three little ones will keep you mighty busy, but if you can snatch five minutes (even better with your kids) to draw a detail – a nose, a fingernail, a smile, a leaf whatever…all those sketch books will soon fill up! Good luck! And thanks for the follow!

  2. Clara, Nice to meet you! What a lovely place you are creating here on your blog and certainly in your home. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to spending moments of peace with your art.

  3. Hi Clara!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following! I appreciate❤️
    What a lovely blog you have and also lovely artworks❤️
    Looking forward to see more your works😃

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