Garden Produce, Kittens, & A New Season.

Despite having been done with my summer job for a few weeks now I haven’t been able to find a lot of extra time to mess around with editing pictures and writing pretty blog posts! But that is changing now. I still sketch and paint on a daily…no make that weekly…oh wait, maybe monthly basis. Hmmm. Well you get the picture.

Some of the culprits behind my slacking in the creativity department have included taking in a rescued mother cat with 5 little rambunctious kittens. So I spend a lot of time staring in awe and letting my heart just melt to pieces at sights like this:


And then there is the changing of the seasons and harvest suddenly having arrived. I have been cutting, blanching, freezing, and dehydrating tasty garden delights like a mad woman for the past two weeks.

But I have carved out some time to do artsy things. I discovered an original painting on canvas board that I pulled out of a heap of mass produced “Bless Our Home” wall hangings at the local consignment shop. I am thrilled to have it hanging on my wall! I love original works by other artists but can’t really afford to buy a lot. This winter scene is so peaceful:


I have also hurriedly scratched out a few sketches (cheesy lettering included):




And believe it or not, I have even completed another acrylic painting! On canvas. Not a few smears in one of my sketchbooks. Imagine that! Here’s a sneak peek for proof:


Ok, that’s not really “proof” but there is a brush, dipped in paint. Paint that has been smeared and mixed! Tune in tomorrow to see how this paint was applied to canvas to create what sort of painting…


Weekend Unplugged.

I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in the woods with 5 other women. We camped along a beautiful river and made memories. I challenged myself to only bring along my sketchbook. I missed my camera a lot!

Mrs H

Campsite 15

It was different trying to sketch people as they moved about the campsite. The results were often laughable but I did pull out a few that I am somewhat pleased with.


Campsite 16

Mushroom Stump

Aside from the moments I was dying trying to hike up steep inclines with a backpack, it was such a wonderful and relaxing time. I was able to discover that I am still my old self, just buried deep under my newer identity as a mother and wife. I still long for adventure and challenge and could happily sleep in a tent or under the stars the rest of my life.

I also carved a small piece of… something. I hesitate to show this as it is not finished. Maybe it is. I think it needs to be weighted with a  piece of river stone at the bottom.  It was fun to try something new regardless of how it turned out.

Wood Carving 2     Wood Carving

Girly Hands & the Agony of Book Reading

hand study 1

Hands have been my focus over the past few days. I am equally grossed out and intrigued by them.

hand study 2

I can’t say I am good yet but I have become more observant. Which is always a good thing!


But another problem has appeared… I seem to only be able to draw girly hands. This poor pizza chef is so manly with his scruffy beard. But one look at his hands and all I can do is sport a lopsided grin of defeat. It has been fun!


In the mean time, I have also scribbled out my first cartoon? Also fun but somewhat more time consuming as I try to keep these sketches under 30 min. each.

angry chicken

I will close with this angry chicken being bothered by a bug. I live in an area infested with bugs. I’ve decided I need chickens to eat said bugs and lay eggs for all my hungry children.

Awkward Hands & The Dilemma of Wrinkles.


I struggle with hands the most. I am ready to try a new approach… maybe just make the suggestion of fingers instead? This would require me to loosen up my entire sketch which I feel I am beginning to do on some level.


I also have a tough time approaching wrinkles in fabric. How to create a piece of fabric from the suggestion of shadow? So naturally I am drawn to try these two things over and over. The good news is I have improved from the beginning of the year… I think this may take a lifetime to reach satisfaction!

I will be more absent in the summer months when it comes to posting on here. My summer days are completely immersed in food and feeding hundreds of hungry people. This leaves so little time to do what I enjoy. I took a break one day to stop in at a local art gallery and browse for a few minutes. I left feeling so refreshed yet so sad that I couldn’t use the inspiration to create in that moment! Life is a complicated mess, eh?

Sketch-a-Day Challenge.

New Years 2014 brought a new resolution. Do one quick sketch every day.
I ran out and bought a stack of sketchbooks and have been happily sketching as often as possible since. I have failed miserably at doing exactly one sketch every single day but am achieving what I was hoping by slowly honing some skill in something I love, yet have always struggled with. The following photos are a few of my favorites so far.



Yes. When I did this one is was -27 degrees outdoors.







I will keep posting more of my favorites in the future. I had hoped to make it a weekly goal to post sketching attempts but it turns out that photo blogs are a bit more time consuming than I realized!