Lakeshore Scene

I realize there have been crickets chirping over here. It is not for lack of doing anything. But more-so how incredibly busy I managed to make myself over the last few months! Much of the busy-ness has not been because of artistic ventures, but I did manage to get another custom order done! This is an 11 x 14″ canvas done with acrylic paint. It was based off of an actual photo with a few extra details thrown in at my clients request. First time ever actually working straight from a photo. I was nervous at first, I’m not sure why exactly, but it turned out good. Anyway here are some WIP photos. Sorry for the lighting in these. I paint at night when all is quiet. Enjoy folks. And have a wonderful New Year!

Lakeshore1            Lakeshore2

Lakeshore4              Lakeshore5    Lakeshore6



And the final piece:


The little details were done with my smallest brush and required a very steady hand. My favorite detail is the vintage brass letters on the light pole.


I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was not rushed or hurried in any way. The best kind!



“I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves…”

I’ll let the photos do the storytelling tonight. This was a custom order for a wedding gift. Very enjoyable to paint!








Another one coming soon. 🙂

One Year ago…

My husband and I had finally finished putting together my sewing/painting studio in the lightest room in our basement. We had worked on it most of the winter, building tables out of doors and scrap lumber and painting dingy brown panels a calming grey and blue. I sat down at my easel with paintbrush in hand and nearly had a panic attack. In my dreams of finally having my own space to create I had always imagined myself diving right in and creating exciting masterpieces. Not so in real life… I spent a whole week trying to draw a table with legs that weren’t askew and trying to figure out how to paint a background!

Coffee wm












I did manage to come up with this piece that I still have in my kitchen. When I look at it now I see so many things that went so horribly wrong. But I still love it. It was a dive into something I truly wanted to do. It makes me smile and cringe every day! I experimented with other pieces that I eventually got so frustrated with I gave up and painted over. I wish some days I hadn’t.

-Clara J. Teixeira